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Cardboard Box Basics US

The more people learn about corrugated boxes, the more they realize that there is nothing "basic" about them. With every box made up of three sheets of paper, the combinations are limitless. But don't worry….. that is what we are here for. We've tried to make this page informative with easy to digest information that will get you up to speed on the basics of corrugated cardboard.

Types of Cardboard Box

While this is not meant to be an exhaustive list, below are some of our most common box types that Total Pack can provide. Each box serves a specific purpose depending on the type of product being housed.

Regular Slotted Containers

This is the most common box style. All flaps are the same length from the score to the edge. Ideal for: Shipping small individual items such as cups and mugs, books, etc.

Corrugated Trays

Corrugated Trays are basically trays to hold other objects. They are advantageous when product visibility and easy handling are of prime importance. Ideal for: Food and beverage industry products such as bottled water, soft drinks, snack foods, and bulk packaged processed foods.

Half Slotted Containers

Half slotted containers are similar to regular slotted containers except that they have only one set of flaps. The opposite side of the box is open, which allows it to slide over an item. Ideal for: Large and heavy objects such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Die Cut Custom

These are custom corrugated boxes developed to exact specifications depending on your requirements. Total Pack can manufacturer custom boxes with FULL color available in all styles and custom sizes. Ideal for: Unique products with special requirements such as cosmetic product boxes, toy product boxes, gift product boxes.

Full Over Lap

The outer flaps overlap the full width of the box making it especially resistant to rough handling. All flaps are the same depth, and their depth equals the width of the box. Ideal for: Heavy objects that require extra support such as refrigerators, washing machines.

Roll End Tuck Top

These are simple unglued boxes that need to be folded when assembled. These are great for shipping narrow items. Ideal for: Vitamin Packaging, retail packaging, coffee packaging, tea packaging.

Corrugated Board Strength

Board strength are all the factors that define how strong the box should be. There are a number of questions you must ask yourself before you can accurately access how strong a particular box should be manufactured to be such as:

The nature of the products being packaged

The total weight of the box

The size of the box

How the cardboard box will be stacked, stored and transported

Total Pack provides you with two different levels of customization options when selecting box strength. The first is the flute type and the second is using the edge crush test.


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